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Jan 2013
Gift Exchange
Written by Duncan Noble Spa
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Duncan Noble is committed to the support of local business and honoring each and every one of our special gifts that has been instilled in each of us. It truly is a Gift Exchange, a talent sharing! DN has created a networking web that consists of services that is encompassed with creating and maintaining THE GREATEST YOU!

DN cares for the outside….but It begins from within!!

Dr. Manny Gallegos Offering the latest, and first in New Mexico, age management medicine. After a simple blood test, know exactly where YOUR body stands. Nutraceutical and hormonal optimization in order to improve the health    and quality of your life. This approach to anti-aging is actually slowing down a life cycle in cell development.    Proven results are its only results. Call DN for more details. Dr. Gallegos is also our Medical Director here at DN-A Step Above, along with Beth working for your most youthful results!


Body Burn- Desiree Keys, NSCA certified personal trainer. I have 5 years of experience. I bring the gym into the comfort and privacy of your home.  Helping to educate women about living a healthy life style is a passion of mine. I motivate, encourage, and inspire women to achieve their goals.  Together with my clients I design a plan very specific to individual needs. No goal is out of reach with Body Burn. (575)805-8721 or e-mail at… This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Healing Tree A Holistic Center offering a custom-tailored holistic approach to modern day ailments, all while embracing the healing traditions of the Native American, Chinese, German, Swedish, and Mexican healers, just to name a few.  Certified Homeopathic Practitioner, iridology, 21-day detox, acupressure, bach flower therapy, meridian therapy, herbal remedies, nutritional analysis, hormone balancing and so much more. Mix and match your favorite modalities and put YOUrself in the drivers seat of their own recovery. Located next door to DN!!  (575)805-2715 or (575)386-2202  -  2000 E. Lohman Ste. B, Las Cruces, NM. Together with The Healing Tree, we have created packages that synergistically help to create your path to optimal health & beauty.

Begin the Balance Package – 21 day detox, (2) Detox body wraps,  Micro-IPL facial           $420

 * The Revitalize Package – Iridolgy consultation with core supplements, Pixel perfect Facial    $300

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The staff was very friendly and eager to make me comfortable while Ginger was working on my hair. I didn't have to wait to see her. The cost was the same as the other 3 salons, but the quality of the techniques and products was much more.